Ukrainians have created a robot policeman: what a car can do


Ukrainian robocops are said to patrol the streets, and can also find and apprehend quarantine violators

Ukrainians created a robot policeman: what the machine could do and what it would be used for. Photo: League of Defense Enterprises

The Zaporizhzhya private company created a robotic policeman to patrol the streets remotely during an epidemic and to minimize civil contact with police. According to information from the League of Defense Enterprises, the robot is equipped with the following attachments:

  • Remote control tear gas cylinder;
  • shining light;
  • Monitoring for communication;
  • Speakerphone and microphone;
  • Photo-acoustic panel;
  • Flashing strobe;
  • WiFi Bluetooth – for local control via a mobile application;
  • 3G / LTE for remote control from a control room via cloud technology;
  • 360 camera;
  • 30x zoom camera
  • LIDAR and radar to create a deep map;
  • A thermal imager to measure body temperature;
  • Geolocation sensor and inertial sensor.
  • Remotely controlled trap thrower;

The robot can be controlled remotely via mobile applications within a radius of 50 meters and can be moved using gestures and voice commands with permission from the dispatcher.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that Apple announced the provision of Apple Map data to government officials in 63 countries to help analyze how users navigate during a coronovirus pandemic. Information about the users of Ukraine has also become available.

Starting in mid-March, Ukrainians began to walk 49% less, and travel by cars and public transport – 35% less frequently.

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