Ukrainians ready to return to offices


More than a third of the survey participants appreciated the benefits of distance work and would like to work in the future


Alphabet chief Sundar Pichai, which includes Google, recently informed employees that they would be working from home before the end of the year. At the same time, there are plans to open the office in June-July. Facebook gave a similar statement. And Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced to employees that they could not return to their offices even after the epidemic and would continue to work remotely.

And what about Ukrainian companies? Are employees ready to return to their workplaces or are already airing a habitual event? According to a study conducted by the Gerua Expert Analysis Center, more than a third (37%) of survey participants evaluated the benefits of remote work and would like to continue doing so. Nearly every fifth (21%) of defendants believe the virus threat has not yet passed, so it is too early to cancel the removed format. Fewer (19%) participants, in contrast, were not accustomed to working at home and preferred to return to offices. Another 15% of respondents announced their withdrawal, however, provided that the employer takes additional steps to protect the health of employees. In the “Other” option (9% of all answers), a flexible schedule and desire for mix homework and office work is most often visible.

The fact that a flexible work schedule is optimal or desirable under current circumstances, the respondents noted and answered the question of what further steps employers should take. This option was chosen by 62% of the respondents. Nearly half of respondents (48%) believe that despite quarantine weakening, employers should be provided with the opportunity to work remotely to ultimately stabilize the situation. 43% of respondents believe that companies should strengthen sanitary and hygienic standards, and 38% believe employers should provide a corporate transfer, helping employees avoid congestion. 36% of the respondents expressed their desire for insurance, with almost every fifth (21%) believing that the business should allocate an additional budget for the recovery of employees. Only 2% of respondents believe that employers should not take any additional steps.

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Researchers first disproved the popular myth of house disability. Remote employees are better involved in the work process than their colleagues in the office – they take 23% more action related to work responsibilities.

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