Ukrainians will be able to buy the missing insurance experience: how much will it cost 1 year of experience



Ukrainian citizens who do not have sufficient pension insurance experience can either acquire additional experience or make voluntary contributions to the Pension Fund.

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Purchase of insurance experience.
To retire, Ukrainians can buy the missing experience. Photo:

It is now becoming clear that almost half of potential retirees in 2027 will not be able to retire on time due to the lack of necessary insurance experience.

They will either have to continue working practically until old age and ultimately never know what a well-deserved rest is.

It is now possible to purchase the missing insurance experience. Certainly not everyone can afford it.

There are two options for purchasing seniority.

According to the first experience, you can buy on the basis of an amount equal to 22% of the minimum wage, multiplied by 2, which today is 2078 hryvnia for 1 month of insurance experience or 24.9 thousand hryvnia for 1 year.

This option may be suitable for wealthy people who have reached the early retirement age.

In the second case, when a person is still working but understands that he still does not acquire the required insurance experience, he can ask the Pension Fund for voluntary payment of the minimum contribution – 22% of salary minimum in one amount, which is 1.039 hryvnia today per month.

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