Ukrainians will be able to check contractors in Bitrix24


CRM-system users will be able to build business processes based on open data

Ukrainians will be able to check counterparts in Bitrix 24. Photo:

The Openendabot platform launched an application, with which users of the Bitrix24 CRM system would be able to test their counterparts and make decisions based on open data.

What can be done within the application:

  1. Automatically fill in the registration data in the counterparty’s details using the EDRPOU / TIN code to create an account.
  2. Check companies for the main risk factors before the conclusion of a transaction: courts, loans, enforcement proceedings, sanctions, real estate, licenses and registration history.
  3. Monitor changes in the company and get them in CRM.

When subscribing to a company, changes are recorded in the counterparty’s card as a new function. Each task is assigned a hashtag with the type of event, for example: a new court document has been added, a new bankruptcy decision, the tax debt has changed, and more.

When the application is installed, a “OpenEndBot Events” group is created, where changes are made for the company subscribed to by the user.

You can install the application in the Bitrix24 portal at the following link:


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It was previously reported that Openendboat launched an opportunity to pay taxes to FOP and submit reports through its platform.

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