Ukrainians will be able to choose a bank for payroll


National Bank announces the end of pay slavery

Ukrainians will be able to select a bank for payroll. Photo:

The National Bank of Ukraine has adapted the process of transferring money by employers to pay salaries to employees. From January 1, 2021, Ukrainians will be able to select the bank for payroll itself. The relevant changes are contained in the National Bank Resolution of April 24, 2020.

As noted on the NBU website, following the introduction of an international bank account number in Ukraine, the employer was able to generate a statement on crediting employees with the IBAN standard, including the account that the employee independently Was opened in the bank of your choice.

Such an innovation would allow conflict situations related to the right of the employee to choose a bank for salary, the NBU Press Service reports. The National Bank has given employers up to 2021 time to finalize automated systems and software and hardware systems.

Sergey Kholod
Vice President of National Bank

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Earlier, we had written about who and how much salary would be deducted during quarantine. Thus, salaries of officers, deputies, prosecutors, judges, management and members of the boards of state companies and supervisory boards of state companies were limited to UAH 47.2 thousand (10 minimum wages). For the relevant bill number 3279-D on amendments to the state budget for 2020, 249 deputies have already voted.

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