Ukrainians will be able to get official email addresses


The new service will be available on the state portal “Diya”.

Ukrainians will be able to obtain official email addresses. Photo:

Citizens of Ukraine, when issuing a passport, exchange it or at their own request, will be able to obtain an official email address through the state portal “Dia”. The corresponding bill was registered in Verkhovna Rada of Ministry of Digital Industry.

An official email address for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankruptcy commissioners etc. will also be submitted. Companies, institutions, societies and individual entrepreneurs will automatically receive such addresses when making changes and registrations in the Unified State Register (USR).

The Ministry of Digital Transformation specified that the official email would include an identifier, a “@” sign, and a domain name (except for domain names in “Ph”).

An identifier for legal entities is offered to create a code according to USR, for natural persons-entrepreneurs – the registration number of the taxpayer card.

The department said that such mails would be recorded in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, Public Formation and Unified State Demographic Register.

Letters and messages sent to the official email address will be considered officially delivered and will not require additional documentary confirmation.

The ministry proposed to initiate a process for legal entities, self-employed individuals and other entities to file an official e-mail, which will be used in business communications, during correspondence with courts, government agencies.

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Earlier we wrote that the paper identification code would turn into a number – Ukrainians would be able to confirm RNUKPN (formerly identification code or TIN) using an ID card and a birth certificate. In addition, RNUKPN will soon be displayed in electronic form, the Ministry of Digital Transformation reported.

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