Ukrainians will be quicker to receive orders from AliExpress in Quarantine


Ukroposta launches cargo flights to Ukraine along with the Canio network


International logistics operator Caniao Network (owned by Alibaba Group), together with Ukroppsta, launched charter cargo flights to Ukraine for faster delivery of parcels. The new flights will provide quick transportation of AliExpress orders in quarantine. Air routes from cities began with Europe’s largest Caniao distribution centers.

Participants in organizing the flights will be Eleron Airlines, AirBaltic and Latvia’s national postal operator. Regular flights to Lviv are carried by AN-26 aircraft, where parcels undergo customs clearance, sorting and will be distributed to recipients in Ukraine. In the first phase, the aircraft will arrive at London twice a week, the program will be revised based on future workload.

Now the average delivery time for AliExpress orders in Ukraine is about 15-20 days. The introduction of charter flights will help preserve delivery time in the context of the closure of passenger flights from country to country and reduce the time to receive parcels during the period of restrictions on ground transportation.

Ukrposhta will also transfer delivery of parcels in non-contact mode – all AliExpress orders up to $ 2 (received via Canyo Super Economy) will be delivered to the mailbox (if it is in good condition). For more expensive items, home delivery options work: by courier or postman.

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According to the Council of Ministers’ order, Ukrosta, along with other postal service providers, will be able to distribute the drug and related products to consumers. The exceptions are drugs that require special storage conditions, or which are on the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, as well as potent and toxic drugs.

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