Ukrainians will be taught to recognize payment fraud


Users, in particular, will be able to know how to detect telephone fraud and make safe online purchases.

Ukrainians will be taught to recognize payment fraud. Photo:

The National Bank launched an all-Ukrainian information campaign to combat payment fraud on 7 July. The goal is to teach Ukrainians the basic rules of protecting non-cash and online payments.

According to the NBU press service, in Ukraine, as in the rest of the world, the most popular method of fraud with payment cards is social engineering – this is when people transfer money to scammers or reveal their card details.

According to the director of payment systems and innovative development of NBU, there were about 72 thousand cases of illegal operations with payment cards in Alexei Shaban, Ukraine last year. 58% of them occurred on the Internet. At the same time, ATM lining fraud is almost a thing of the past. In 2020, due to quarantine measures, Ukrainians increasingly began to choose non-cash payments, payments and online purchases. There are new scenarios among scammers who, under the guise of government agencies, promise to give cash allowances for quarantine times and thereby cheat the data of payment cards, NBU Press Service notes.

Alexey Shaban
Director of payment systems and innovative development of NBU

According to the National Bank, more than 50 partner representatives of socially responsible businesses in government agencies and various industries participated in the information campaign. Among them are cyber police, banks, payment systems, mobile operators, online stores, etc.

The information campaign will be held in July-August 2020 in all regions of Ukraine. You can read more about this on the NBU website

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We previously wrote that in Kiev they detained scammers who used fake cards of Ukrainian banks to withdraw cash from ATMs. As a result of the joint operation of PrivatBank’s security service and police, a fraudster was seized from an ATM, which seized the cards of customers of Ukrainian banks and 32 plastic cards with PIN codes for them.

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