Ukrgasbank has launched a virtual card in the Ecobank online mobile application


The card is convenient to use, and is also useful for those who buy currency online

Under quarantine, the state Ukrgasbank provides an opportunity for Ukrainians to use a virtual card. It was reported in the financial institution.

Without going to the bank, without a pile of pieces of paper and without the need to fill with plastic – just a few clicks into the Ecobank online mobile application, and the virtual card is ready for calculation.

In addition to its clear eco-friendliness and ease of use and ordering, the card is useful for customers who will buy currency online – the money will be immediately deposited into the account based on its currency.

Kirill Shevchenko
Chairman of the board of Ukrgasbank

What are the other features of virtual card? Here is a short list of its features:

  • The application can be ordered in three currencies: Hryvnia, US Dollar and Euro:
  • The remaining funds will be taken 12% per year in hryvnia, 1.5% per year in US dollars and 0.1% per year in euros;
  • The card is activated and ready for immediate calculation in the application;
  • Free withdrawal in foreign currency;
  • Maximum payment security on the Internet.

This is why a virtual card is an ideal tool for operating online and generating additional income, and most importantly – without leaving home. No risk to health, little harm to environment and zero cost.


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