Ukrzaliznytsia refutes fakes on employees’ paper masks



Ukrzaliznytsia refutes fakes on employees' paper masks

JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” reported that workers at the “Kremenchug” locomotive depot were fully equipped with personal protective equipment.

Ukrzaliznytsia informs about it on Facebook.

“Employees at the Kremenchug locomotive depot are fully equipped with personal protective equipment. Reports in the media that the workers indicated have received paper masks today do not correspond to reality,” said UZ. .

It should be noted that the “Kremenchug” depot received and delivered to employees: 750 masks, 300 respirators, 230 rubber gloves, 46 liters of hand sanitizer, etc.

The company said that in early quarantine, on March 12 and 13, the Southern Railway produced paper masks for workers at the Kremenchug depot. However, from March 14, the railway workers were fully equipped with protective masks purchased from the manufacturers.

“Ukrzaliznytsia is constantly replenishing its stocks of personal protective equipment to guarantee the work of the team involved in transporting strategically important cargoes,” said the report.

In particular, it is reported that more than 268,000 protective masks and respirators were purchased and transferred to the structural units by regional branches, more than 18,000 liters of hand antiseptics were delivered.

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In addition, the regional branches are equipped with gloves, glasses, disposable disinfectants for premises and rolling stock, etc. In the near future, it is planned to supply more than 1.2 million respiratory protective equipment.

The ministry also informs that it is making a centralized purchase of personal protective equipment for workers. Thus bought: 9.5 thousand respirators, 4.5 thousand liters of antiseptic. It is planned to buy 500,000 masks and around 50,000 liters of hand antiseptics.

In this regard, UZ urges the media before publishing information on the activities of the company to contact the press service to obtain verified information.

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Earlier in some media and social networks, there were reports that workers in Kremenchug had received protective masks allegedly made of toilet paper.

As reported by Ukrinform, since April 6, the Cabinet has introduced additional measures to prevent the spread of coronaviruses.

According to the government’s decision, it is impossible to be in public places without personal protective equipment, including a respirator or a face mask.

It is also forbidden to circulate on the street for more than two people, except in case of official necessity and accompanying persons under 14 years of age; to visit sports and playgrounds, as well as parks, squares, recreational areas, forest parks and coastal areas, with the exception of pets who walk with a person and if necessary,

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