UN calls for punishment of revolution in dignity: Ukraine’s priorities may change



The United Nations has made an important statement concerning human rights and the revolution in dignity in Ukraine. A request was made to investigate the “Maidan affair” and to repeal the “law on immunity”, as a result of which the investigation had no right to investigate the crimes of the revolutionaries.

The revolution of dignity
The revolution of dignity. Photo –

It is reported by “Censor.NO“, Reports” MFN “.

The monitoring mission is concerned that, for such a long period, there has been absolutely no progress in the investigation of 43 homicides. The UN notes the weak efficiency of the Ukrainian judicial system in this area.

In addition, the UN recommends that Ukraine organize an absolutely independent and cool investigation into all the massacres perpetrated in Maidan, without exception. They insist on the appearance in court of suspects who had previously been released. Those who have been directly charged with crimes against the Maidan, but who have been released because of the amnesty, should also be held accountable. In this regard, there should be no compromise or reduction in the accused’s patriotic values.

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