UN honors Ukrainian military observer



UN honors Ukrainian military observer

UN honors Ukrainian military observer


05/29.2020 19:31


On the occasion of the United Nations International Day of Peacekeeping Operations, the headquarters of the world organization paid tribute to the memory of the soldiers and police officers who died during the peace services in 2019.

Honors were also awarded to Colonel Yuriy Politko, a Ukrainian military observer to the United Nations mission in the DRC, said Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Sergey Kislitsa in a comment to Ukrinform.

“The Ukrainian peacekeeper service, Colonel Yuriy Politko, who lost his life in DR Congo, received a UN commemorative medal – the Dag Gammarskjöld Medal, which is named after the second UN Secretary General Our permanent mission will present the award to the family of the deceased, “said the diplomat.

At the same time, Kislitsa stressed that the Ukrainian side continues to participate in the UN peacekeeping missions despite the Russian aggression, which is itself a source of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine .

UN honors Ukrainian military observer

“United Nations operations are one of the main effective tools for maintaining international peace. To date, 318 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and 38 police officers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs are participating in six United Nations peacekeeping operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in South Sudan, in the Abyei region, in Mali , in Kosovo and Cyprus, said the Ukrainian ambassador.

The diplomat added that our state provides five times more personnel for UN operations than a permanent member of the Security Council known for his “peacekeeping” (Russia – ed.).

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“Probably because his troops, instead of keeping the peace, are attacking and occupying the territories of Ukraine and Georgia or” peace “in Syria and Libya,” said the permanent representative.

At the same time, Kislitsa noted that Ukrainian soldiers are highly respected around the world.

“I constantly receive positive comments about the service of our military and the police in peacekeeping operations, both from the leadership of the United Nations Secretariat and from foreign ambassadors. In response, I always say: a military school like our soldiers in the east, which perhaps defends Ukraine from the Russian enemy, “said the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN.

As noted, in February 2003, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved resolution 57/129, presented by the delegation of Ukraine, which was proclaimed May 29 as International Day of Peacekeeping Operations.


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