UN strongly condemns Ukraine: international scandal over the events of 2014



The United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Commission is extremely dissatisfied with the effectiveness of the investigations into the tragic events of Odessa in 2014. The United Nations is concerned about the irresponsibility of the authorities in the search for and punishment of perpetrators of the May 2 fire in the House of Trade Unions.

UN and Ukraine
UN and Ukraine. Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

Employees of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine accuse Kiev of not having punished the perpetrators of many victims. They note that this crime has many witnesses and video recordings, but the new government, like the old one, simply does not want to do anything about this file. They note that they have contacted the United Nations and the staff of that organization share their indignation and also urge Ukraine to take decisive action.

Russian diplomats are outraged that Ukraine continues to accuse the Russian Federation of the May 2 tragedy.

“They accuse Russia without any evidence. There are witnesses and videos, but the perpetrators are not punished. We urge Kiev to step back and take action, ”said the Russian ministry.

Recall, as previously indicated, South Korea against the North: the border post was bombed.



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