Unblocking public accounts could wait – Alasania



Unblocking public accounts could wait - Alasania

The Cabinet Order on the Unblocking of the Accounts of the Public Broadcaster Paves the Way for Solving the Debt Repayment Problem, but Bureaucratic Procedures May Be Delayed.

This was announced by the head of NOTU Zurab Alasania, reports the Nationwide.

“Of course, the public is extremely positive about solving a problem that is already 10 years old. In itself, solving does not mean unlocking. The account is always entered. This resolution states that we are authorized to do so ( to repay the debt of the Euronews State). Literally in Monday, it is necessary to change the passport of the budgetary program, it will be submitted to the Ministry of Culture, which is now our curator. The Ministry of Culture, having it signed, will transfer it to the Ministry of Finance, if the ministry consents, it will transfer it to the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Justice will transfer it to the Council of Ministers, then the abmin can accept a passport at its next meeting. And then the way of payment will open, which provides for the payment of Euronews “, explained Alasania.

He added that there was still the execution procedure of the legal service of the Ministry of Justice – “and there we have to pay another million.” As a result, there will be another production, and the invoices will be blocked until this million is paid.

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“When this happens and if it can’t happen at all, I can’t say so hastily that the accounts are unlocked … They certainly aren’t unlocked. I can’t even say when they will be exactly unlocked by date “said the head of NOTU.

As noted, the government, at its meeting on April 24, adopted a resolution << Sur la modification du paragraphe 3 de la Procédure d'utilisation des fonds prévus dans le budget de l'État pour le soutien financier de la société publique par actions National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine >>.

“The document drawn up by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine allows NOTU to repay the debt due to the limited company Euronews in 2020 on the basis of a court decision, including payment enforcement fees and other costs of the enforcement process, “the cabinet noted.

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At the end of February, NOTU announced the freezing of accounts within the framework of the opening of an execution procedure to recover from the public approximately 308 million UAH in favor of Euronews.

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