Under the Cabinet of Ministers is a protest rally (VIDEO)



The rally was decided by Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are unable to carry out their activities during the quarantine. Oil was added to the fire by news that, despite the ban, people’s deputy Nikolai Tishchenko’s restaurant continues to operate.

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On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “HB“.

Protest rally of owners of small and medium-sized enterprises takes place under the Ukrainian government building in Kiev: people ask to relax quarantine measures and allow them to work:

“The quarantine measures adopted by our Cabinet are not at all thought out and inadequate. In addition, they are unfair to owners of small and medium-sized businesses ”, – entrepreneurs complain.

During the demonstrations, the first clashes with the police have already taken place: the police wanted to push the people of the road, but the demonstrators did not obey the police and started to repair the resistance. Law enforcement officials had to use tear gas.

Recall that we wrote earlier that “quarantine demonstrations” had taken place in Odessa.

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