Under the slogan, we save ourselves from the coronavirus – the blogger expressed the new idea of ​​Pushilin in the “DPR”



A busy Donetsk blogger, writing under the nickname “Aboriginal Donetsk,” said that “under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus” in the “republic,” decisions are being made that will allow Denis Pushilin to independently manage the budget of the “republic”. The blogger also writes that there is a threat that property rights will be taken away from local residents.

Denis Pushilin
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This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the blogger’s telegram channel “Aboriginal Donetsk”, reports MFN.

Aboriginal blogger Donetsk said that under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus, residents of the so-called “DPR” are taking away civil and property rights. According to the blogger, the head of the “republic” Denis Pushilin “under the guise of an urgent need is preparing procedures and plans for the seizure and re-registration of real estate”.

The blogger believes that the “decisions” made by Pushilin and his team cannot be reversed even after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything is done under the cover of an urgent need and an emergency. Pushilin sets standards under the personal control of the “republic” budget and the banking sector. Under the slogan, we are saving ourselves from the coronavirus, we are witnessing the seizure and the ruin of the State and the population, ”writes the blogger.

Earlier, we reported that Pushilin had stated that it was “saving DPR” from the coronavirus.

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