Unemployed can now apply for help online



Unemployed can now apply for help online

The government has launched a service that allows you to get unemployed status and apply for unemployment benefits online.

This was written on his Facebook page by the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov.

“Today, there is a real service under the conditions of compulsory quarantine – obtaining unemployment status and filling in unemployment benefits online,” he wrote.

According to the official, the importance of the service is confirmed by the statistics of the registered unemployed in Ukraine: on March 12 of this year, there were 361,000 and on April 21 – 411,000.

The number of people receiving unemployment benefits also increased from 310,000 (March 12) to 345.5,000 (April 21).

In quarantine, you can benefit from 2 services at the same time: provide (update) unemployment status and allocate (update) unemployment benefits.

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The review and making available of the decision is completely transparent and excludes any direct contact with the official. Instead of a personal visit to the employment center, you will receive services in 10 minutes without leaving your home, following the algorithm on the portal. The unemployment status and the purpose of the benefits are assigned the first day after the request.

Fedorov also said that the government is preparing a direct communication function between the director of the National Employment Service and the user for job searches.

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