“United Russia” called on Russian marauders: Poddubny hit the public with a cynical statement



A Russian politician, representative of the United Russia party, Sergei Poddubny, publicly insulted Russian citizens. He equated the complaints of citizens concerning a difficult life with looting.

Sergey Poddubny
Sergey Poddubny. Photo –

It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

Citizens’ requests for help from the state were met with hostility by Russian politicians. During the spread of the coronavirus, people are not allowed to complain, they say.

“Dear friends! I want to say a few important words to you. Now, for all of Russia, times are very difficult. The state reassesses values. You can now hear the many complaints from the population. People demand to give them money to live, to free them from taxes and payments. I will say one thing – it is looting! At that point, you have to be ashamed to think of yourself, not of the country as a whole. You don’t think so ?! », Wrote the Russian deputy on social networks.

Such a statement by Poddubny provoked extreme indignation on the part of the people of the Russian Federation.

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