Unlike Quarantine: Monobank Extends Credit Limit


Most banks have a low credit limit

Unlike Quarantine: Monobank Extends Credit Limit

Ukrainian mobile bank Monobank raised the loan limit to 75 thousand customers for a total of 1.5 billion. It was announced by the bank’s co-founder Oleg Gorokhovsky.

“We turn the steering wheel in the direction of skidding and raise the credit limit when they are all lowered. Today we” spill “about a credit limit of 1.5 billion for about 75 thousand customers. Co-founder Wrote with a recycling forecast of ~ 600 million UAH.

Gorokhovsky also said that as of April 6, the number of bank customers had reached 2.1 million, 14,000 of which were children. During the campaign, the cash back “Quarantine” received 230 thousand subscribers worth more than $ 13.2 million.

In addition, Virtual Bank has already opened a pre-order for servicing the accounts of individuals of entrepreneurs. Gorokhovsky said that the number of applications reached 20 thousand per day.

Monobank was founded only three years ago by Privatbank’s former top managers Oleg Gorokhovsky, Dmitry Duboylet and Mikhail Rozalski. By October 2017, the bank issued the first thousand credit cards, in February 2018, it started attracting hryvnia deposits. There is no branch of the bank, all services are done using the mobile application. Customers can own Apple mobile devices on iOS 10 and Android version 4.4 and later.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, Monobank co-founder Mikhail Rozalski conducted a social experiment to test the integrity of Ukrainians. He shared the result in a video on his YouTube channel.

Michael lost 60 “purses” in Ukraine’s 5 cities (Kiev, Dnieper, Kharkov, Lvivi, Odessa) and in the capital’s kerrage. The purpose of the experiment was to find out how many purses would be returned. But since Rosalsky is associated with a monobank, the experiment went a bit deeper.

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