Unlike the government: Boris Filatov decided today to relax quarantine measures in the Dnieper



This decision was taken after a meeting of local authorities with the city’s emergency commission.

Boris Filatov
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About this writes “MFN”, referring to FacebookBoris Filatov’s page.

According to him, at the meeting, it was decided that from April 30 in the city, it would be possible to gradually begin the mitigation of quarantine measures. In particular, dry cleaners, service stations and repair shops can already start working. Cafes and restaurants may also start operating, but subject to targeted delivery or pickup from an order for coffee.

At the same time, all employees must wear masks, gloves and respect social distance. Also in institutions, it is necessary to put antiseptics:

“We analyzed the decisions and recommendations of the government and found” flaws “in them … Consequently, we decided to allow our citizens what we have not forbidden in Cabinet. In the Dnieper there are hundreds of green spaces, boulevards … They do not fall under the prohibition of visit. It’s honest: what is not prohibited is allowed. Therefore, as of May 4, people can walk in these areas. “

At the same time, Filatov recalled that the meeting of large companies, picnics and the consumption of alcohol in public places remained prohibited. During walks, citizens should be masked, law enforcement officers will monitor this:

“From May 12, if the situation with the coronavirus remains under control, we will open small grocery stores, workshops, shoemakers, lawyers and notaries.”

Boris Filatov assured that the situation of the coronavirus in the Dnieper is perfectly under control and that they are ready for the various developments of the epidemic: positive and negative.

Recall, earlier, we wrote that Filatov threatened the people’s deputies who did not want to vote for the “anti-Colomian” law.

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