Unsuccessful expressions chosen – Tretyakova commented on her statement on “poor quality children”



According to the head of the parliamentary committee on social protection and the rights of veterans, they specifically organized persecutions against her because she proposed good reforms.

Galina Tretyakova
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Galina Tretyakova wrote about it in her Facebookindicates “MFN”.

The member wrote a long post, which she called “Message of apologies and big thanks”. In it, she recounted how she raised and raised children without the help of the state:

“Yes, I used the wrong words. And which of us does not make mistakes, especially during moments of long performances? “

The fact that his words provoked a lively discussion in society, Tretyakova considers a specially organized persecution, the purpose of which is to force her to leave politics:

“I came to change the social policy of Ukraine, inherited from the USSR. And few people like my proposals. “

But the people’s deputy will not leave Parliament:

“This pressure and bullying will not force me to leave Parliament. I will continue to do my job, to introduce new reforms that I have developed all my life. “

We will remind, earlier Tretyakova had declared that “poor children” were born in poor families.



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