Until June 3, there is time to activate the offer from 50 GB to 7 euros


Vodafone Launches New Wagering Campaign convince former customers to return to base. Until the next June 3, selected customers will be able to return to Vodafone by activating the offer with unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 GB of 4G data traffic for the price of 7 euros per month.

The offer can be activated directly online, with SIM card is an free activation. It should be noted that the delivery of the SIM card to the address provided by the client is not associated with additional costs. The offer includes a fee for the residual loan and the ability to use the Giga Family option for an additional charge of up to 100 GB per month at no extra charge if you have a fixed Vodafone line.

It should also be noted that an offer with an unlimited number of minutes and SMS and 50 GB per month for 7 euros is also offered in Vodafone stores and call centers for some customers (this is an attack by the operator) currently located in the Iliad or with some virtual operators. At the moment, only the offer version expires. Continue to follow us for all updates to new Vodafone offers.

maybe Check for the availability of this new 50 GB Vodafone offer per month for your phone number by visiting This section of the official website of the operator.


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