Until the end of summer or the end of the year – Lyashko explained how many Ukrainians will have to wear masks



According to the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ukraine, everything depends in this regard on the epidemiological situation in the country.

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He shared this opinion in an interview “RBC-Ukraine“, Reports the NPF.”

Lyashko noted that if the situation with the spread of COVID-19 deteriorates, the Ukrainians will be able to get rid of the masks before the end of the summer:

“If the number of people infected decreases, then we may not have to wear masks all summer long. It may even be possible to open kindergartens.”

But if the number of cases does not decrease and the seasonal influence on the spread of the virus begins, the situation will not be so rosy:

“If there are 350 to 500 cases a day, then the mask should be worn before the end of this year.”

Recall earlier, Lyashko said when the metro will resume work.

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