Until the sanctions are lifted, the bombing in Donbas will not stop – Russia has started blackmailing the UN Security Council



Oleg Nikolenko, press officer of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN, said that at the last meeting of the UN Security Council, the delegation of the Russian Federation had almost started to blackmail the organization, raising the theme of military conflicts in the world, in particular in Ukraine.

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It is reported by the “MFN” referring to the page of Oleg Nikolenko in Facebook.

On the social network, he made public part of the delegation’s appeal and noted that before the Russian Federation had requested the lifting of sanctions, citing the coronavirus pandemic:

“Right now, when the delegation of the Russian Federation at a meeting of the UN Security Council speaks openly about the protection of civilians in armed conflict … According to them, as long as the sanctions are not lifted there is no reason to wait for the bombing to stop. “

Nikolenko stressed that such statements by the Russian Federation fully explain why the wars in Ukraine, Syria, Libya and other countries continue, where the Russian Federation manifests itself as a participant in the conflict:

“But we are well aware that even if the sanctions are lifted, theoretically, it will not stop Russia. They will always find a reason for aggression on the territory of foreign countries. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Ukraine is submitting documents to the United Nations court against the Russian Federation.



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