UPE impossible to conduct online – Education Assessment Center



UPE impossible to conduct online - Education Assessment Center

UPE impossible to conduct online – Education Assessment Center


06/16.2020 18:21


An independent online evaluation session from the main session is not possible.

This was stated in a comment to Ukrinform by the deputy director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment (UECO) Tatyana Vakulenko.

“No, the main VNO session cannot be online. It is unacceptable, you see what a huge problem there was with the functioning of the servers (due to the cancellation of the test VNO and its realization online – editor’s note), and what can we say about a super serious test., we are talking about the security of personal data during certain online operations, test results and the resistance of our system to external interference. , no mechanism for conducting the main online WNV session is under discussion, ”said Vakulenko.

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She added: in case the criteria of the Ministry of Health are not exceeded – 60 patients with COVID-19 per 100,000 people, and provided that 50% of the regions have reached the criteria of adaptive quarantine, the main session of the UPR will be held according to the first scenario, that is to say from June 25 to July 17.

Regarding the removal of the final state certification in the form of UPE, which was to be held this year by all school graduates, students or students of vocational education institutions, Vakulenko noted that the decision on the removal of the GIA will be reviewed by the Education, Science and Innovation Committee of BP.

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According to her, if the GIA is canceled in the form of a UPR, the number of participants in the main UPR session will decrease by around 100,000 people. “The BP committee will decide if it is possible to cancel the GIA and in what format it can be done. If the GIA is canceled, we assume that around 100,000 participants will not come to our house. There are now more 379,000 participants in the main session, “said Vakulenko. .

As reported by Ukrinform, 379,000,493 people registered for the main UPR session. This number of participants selected 1 million 227 thousand 154 tests. As of June 12, according to UTsKO, 1 million 166 thousand 280 WNV test books had been printed.

The main session of the UPE will be held from June 25 to July 17.

Final state certification in the form of an independent external assessment must be issued by students of general secondary education, vocational education (vocational and technical), higher education, which, in 2020, complete full secondary education in the following subjects: Ukrainian language and literature (part of the Ukrainian language) (compulsory); mathematics or history of Ukraine (period XX – early XXI century) (at the choice of the graduate); one of the subjects to choose.

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