US equals Hong Kong to China: what threat to trade


US President signs ban on special administration area of ​​China

USA equals Hong Kong to China: what threat to trade. Photo:

Donald Trump has signed a bill on sanctions against China, as well as an executive decree deprived of Hong Kong’s US economic and trade preferences.

According to the US president, such measures were introduced to hold China accountable for “discriminatory actions” against the people of Hong Kong.

It is an American bill that provides for sanctions against Chinese individuals and legal entities in relation to the situation in the PRC’s Special Administrative Region, where a new law on national security was first adopted.

The US president said, “Hong Kong will now have the same attitude as mainland China.”

Trump said the admin area would no longer be able to compete with countries with a market economy. “Many people will start leaving Hong Kong,” he suggested.

In addition, by the decree of the President of the United States, Hong Kong’s passports are the same with Chinese, and the state-funded Department of Educational and Cultural Exchange Program with China and Hong Kong is closed.

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Earlier, we wrote that the world’s largest technology companies Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google and Telegram announced on July 1 due to the law, “On the Hong Kong Legal System and Enforcement Mechanism”, that they would give users from the Hong Kong government Will suspend processing of data requests.

Many countries have already criticized the PRC for introducing a law they say threatens the autonomy of a particular admin area.

In addition, the other day, the UK government announced its intention to leave Chinese company Huawei’s devices in the national communications infrastructure by 2027.

The decision was made following US sanctions against Huawei. The US government claims the company is a threat to national security, but Huawei has denied the allegations.

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