US launches new financial apps for bloggers


Soon the service will also be available to users of Instagram, TickTalk, Facebook and Patron.

Launched a new financial application for bloggers in the United States. Photo:

ChannelMeter, an American company, launched the Creator Cash application, which allows content creators to instantly use their earnings on YouTube, as well as view their analytics in real time.

Creator cache is currently available for iOS and Android.

It is reported that soon the service will be able to use bloggers from other platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Patreon.

Eugene Lee, founder of Creator Cash, commented: “There are a lot of content creators who need help managing the financial side of their business. Manufacturer Cash provides them with tools that will help them achieve financial success. “

Recall, the British version of Finestra first estimated the cost of the rapidly growing industry of content creators of the largest Internet platforms at $ 15 billion.

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In late June, the Karat fintech startup introduced its first Karat black card product – a credit card for content creators on YouTube, Twitch and other popular Internet platforms.

It is noted that bloggers and streamers will be able to use the Karat black card for business related expenses. Therefore, after obtaining approval from Karat, the cardholder can rely on a $ 250 loan to purchase electronics and other equipment. The card has cashback on purchases ranging from 2% to 5%, and also offers an advance for sponsorship payments.

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