US wants to introduce “toughest” sanctions against Russia: Congress proposal



Republicans in the US House of Representatives have taken the initiative to impose unprecedented harsh sanctions against the Russian Federation, China and Iran.

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This information was reported by correspondents “HB“, Referred to foreign media, reports” NPF “.

It should be noted that parliamentarians want to impose these sanctions in order to start actively combating threats on a global scale. An American report indicates that the sanctions include new restrictions and new statutes. In particular, if adopted, the Russian Federation will be recognized as the sponsor of global terrorism.

“Large-scale sanctions will be imposed on oil and gas companies, the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation, and people controlled by the Russian Federation outside the country. In addition, when sanctions are adopted, America will appeal directly to the people of Russia to direct them towards democracy for the use of the Russian authorities, “said the American report.

Thus, the United States wants to interact directly with the oppressed people of Russia, and the Russian authorities intend to “crush” economically.

Remember, you can’t negotiate with him – Zelensky talked about a secret meeting with Poroshenko.



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