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Donald Trump accused the World Health Organization of “playing on China’s side”, which led to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The United States will no longer provide funds to WHO. This decision was made by the Trump owner of the White House.

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Voice of america“.

According to Trump, VOOZ has led to a tragedy in opposing restrictions on passenger connections to China:

“They put political correctness above human lives. They have failed and must answer for their primary responsibility. “

The American president also accused the organization of being too favorable to China and recalled that it was the United States which financed WHO above all:

“VOOZ was unable to fulfill its main task. After all, they ignored the appearance of the virus in December 2019. Therefore, for 2-3 months, the United States stops supporting the WHO financially. We will analyze their actions in the fight against the pandemic. “

Trump’s decision has already been reacted by the UN. Secretary General Antonio Guterrish, on the contrary, expressed support for WHO and noted that in the event of a pandemic, they still needed help:

“When we are dealing with a coronavirus, we can then look back and find out why the disease has spread so much around the world. There is no time for that now. “

Trump and his rivals, the Democrats, opposed such a decision.

Recall that we previously reported that Trump opposed the WHO.

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