Venediktova claims SAP inaction



Venediktova claims SAP inaction

Venediktova claims SAP inaction


May 26.2020 19:12


Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova announced the inaction of the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office and stressed that this requires an immediate response.

A video message from Venediktova was published by the press service of the Office of the Prosecutor General.

“During the first week of my tenure as attorney general – March 24 – we held a joint meeting with NABU and SAP leaders on the state of the fight against anti-corruption crimes and agreed on measures specific to solve the problematic problems identified. However, 2 months have passed and things are still there “- said Venediktova.

She recalled that, by law, the EPS is an autonomous and independent body, the Attorney General and his assistants are not authorized to give instructions to EPS prosecutors and to take other actions directly related to the use by prosecutors of the powers of the anti-corruption prosecution.

According to the Attorney General, a study of the state of the organization of the investigation into criminal proceedings reveals numerous violations and poor performance of official duties by the management and prosecutors of the EPS.

She said that in a number of relevant and resounding procedures, in which officials were informed of suspicions several years ago, the investigation was not yet finished, the authors had not been brought to justice , the multi-million dollar losses had not been compensated.

As an example, she cited the case where, contrary to the decision of the investigating judge, the public prosecutor’s office specializing in the fight against corruption did not ensure the adoption of a legal decision concerning the former senior law enforcement official on the illegal seizure of the Kiev site. According to her, in a leisure area in Pushcha-Voditsa, where the official received 2 service rooms, he “cut down precious trees, surrounded a hectare of the square with a fence and built a palace of 1 000 places “. In 2017, he was informed of suspicions, then he was on the international wanted list, and last year he became a people’s deputy.

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“In November 2019, the investigation into this case was assigned to NABU detectives. SAP prosecutors did not take any investigative and procedural action within six months of receiving this production, although more 100 people were questioned by the previous preliminary investigation body and 30 forensic examinations were carried out, therefore, due to failure to meet reasonable deadlines, production is closed. As a result, the millions of losses caused to the state have not been compensated, the illegally seized land has not been returned to most of Kiev and the suspect has escaped responsibility, “said the prosecutor general.

And that, according to her, the shameful case of SAP inaction is not an isolated case. In particular, Venediktova recalled the resonance of the embezzlement on the implementation of the state defense order: “While he was under investigation by the Security Service of state, chiefs of defense and commercial enterprises have been informed of suspicions. After the change of jurisdiction, again, not a single action. Due to “procedural awkwardness” – court ruling on refusal of SAP attorney to extend the terms of the preliminary inquiry into the proceedings. “

The Attorney General also recalled that the SAP, having a senior official of one of the regional road services suspected of embezzlement and confirmed by a review of more than 100 million losses, had violated the << délai raisonnable >> and that, consequently, production had been closed. In addition, the indictment against the people’s deputy, who since October 2019 is reasonably suspected of having seized 93 million hryvnias in Ukrzaliznytsia, has not yet been brought before the courts.

Venediktova noted that for a long time, the prosecutors of the SAP did not ensure the adoption of final procedural decisions with regard to the senior officials of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health on the made of millions of embezzlements of ex-deputies and heads of state enterprises for embezzlement of hundreds of millions in the transportation industry and regime officials former president Viktor Yanukovych for embezzlement of property and public funds on a particularly large scale.

“These blatant facts of systemic errors in the organization of the work of the prosecutors of the EPS testify to the position of observer and the total absence of adequate measures on the part of the direction of this parquet floor, and such impotence can no longer exist without the Attorney General’s response, “said the Attorney General.

She recalled that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky had promised citizens to ruthlessly fight corruption and to show the results of such a fight in practice, not in words. “When the head of state asked me to head the attorney general’s office, he asked me a question: am I ready to fight corruption rather than virtual and do my best to meet the demand Justice of the public? I simply do not have the right to sum up the expectations of the Ukrainian citizens, the President and my former colleagues in Parliament. And I will not let you down, “said Venediktova.

Ukrinform turned to SAP to comment on this information and awaits formal clarification.

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