Venediktova reported for two months as attorney general



Venediktova reported for two months as attorney general

Venediktova reported for two months as attorney general


05/15.2020 16:39


Attorney General Irina Venediktova has taken control of three dozen criminal cases, which have caught the attention of society.

She announced it in her video message during a two-month term.

“What was done in the first place? First, the prosecutor’s reform continued and, in cooperation with international partners, its next steps were identified. I also personally took the monitoring the state of the preliminary investigation and the management of the proceedings in almost three dozen relevant criminal proceedings under special attention of the public “- she noted.

According to Venediktova, she completed a hearing with regional prosecutors on the results of the work in the first quarter of 2020. As a result, the chief prosecutors were instructed to strengthen the coordination work and increase efficiency in the priority areas. In particular, as regards the fight against corruption offenses, embezzlement and illegal use of land, which cause significant material damage to the State. In addition, particular attention is paid to stepping up the fight against drug trafficking, crimes against life and health and against property.

The attorney general said that in the past two months, “law enforcement activities to identify environmental crimes have doubled.”

In addition, Venediktova noted, law enforcement officials exposed 72 organized groups in two months. 79 criminal prosecutions were referred to a court of law in the area of ​​the fight against organized crime for 270 people who committed 625 crimes.

206 criminal offenses committed by organized drug-related crime have also been reported. 609 kg of drugs were seized from suspects.

“Another subject of public attention and control is the theft of public funds and corruption. Criminal proceedings against 453 corrupt officials have been referred to the courts. 114 people have been convicted because of the principled position of prosecutors “said the official.

Venediktova recalled that in early April a joint meeting had been held with the heads of the law enforcement services, during which they demanded a real fight against crime in the customs and tax fields. As a result, last week, the Attorney General’s Office and the SBU stopped the activities of the transit conversion groups and arrested the illegally established VAT limits for more than 600 million hryvnia. The involvement of officials of the State Tax Service of Ukraine in these transactions is now being verified.

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In addition, thanks to the efforts of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the state budget has received more than 100 million hryvnia in debt in a number of criminal proceedings related to the deliberate non-payment of taxes by companies .

“In just two months, the prosecution launched almost 2 billion hryvnias, including 1.2 billion hryvnias in the area of ​​land relations. The courts recovered funds and returned property in favor of the state on trial for more than 1.5 billion hryvnia. Judicial decisions by prosecutors amounting to 273 million hryvnia have been effectively implemented. The provision of more than 1,000 hectares of land was restored and prevented, “says Venediktova.

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