Venediktova spoke about his links with Portnov: cooperation has been mixed



The Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Irina Venediktova, discussed her relations with a politician of the time Yanukovich Andrey Portnov. She gave a mixed assessment of their cooperation.

Irina Venediktova
Irina Venediktova. Photo –

Signaled by “Ukrainian truth“, Reports” MFN “.

“At that time, while I was still working at the head of SRB, I was often called” the man from Portnov “. Once when in an interview I said that Portnov wanted to meet with me about his many calls to the State Duma, lawyer for Petro Poroshenko immediately said, “She does not want to speak with me , but with Portnov with joy. ” I remember it well, ”said Venediktova.

She confirmed that she had spoken a lot with Portnov, as communicating with those who had made requests was part of her professional responsibilities.

“Portnov is a powerful person in terms of information, he has a wide field of influence, many support his ideas. However, I personally disagree with him in many ways. We really have opposing views on certain issues, ”she said.

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