Viber and Facebook agreed to new working conditions in Ukraine


In Ukraine, there are plans to impose VAT on Google, YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Adobe, Booking

Viber and Facebook agreed to new working conditions in Ukraine: details. Photo: Eket

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy, Daniil Getmantsev said that international IT corporations are ready to introduce a value-added tax for electronic services in Ukraine.

“We met with Facebook and Viber. They are willing to do so (pay VAT – approx. Ed). Facebook said that it pays VAT in 20 jurisdictions and is ready to do so in Ukraine. They have the equipment ready for it, ”emphasized Getmansave.

Denil Getmantsev is the author of the bill, according to which VAT in Ukraine plans to provide electronic services in Ukraine by Google, YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Adobe, Booking and other companies.

“We make them a convenient mechanism, using which they can pay taxes here,” the people’s deputy explained. “According to our estimates, the budget will receive only 3 billion UAH per year from advertising services.”

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Recall that the Openendabot platform launched a service for FOPs with the ability to pay taxes and submit reports through the system. It is noted that entrepreneurs’ funds will be automatically credited to the correct and valid account, and FOPs will not risk losing their tax status or receiving fines.

According to the opendatboat, the State Treasury Service has more than 437,179 tax accounts, which change every year.

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