Victory over Nazism Day: Police Count Protesters in Ukraine



Victory over Nazism Day: Police Count Protesters in Ukraine

Victory over Nazism Day: Police Count Protesters in Ukraine

05/09.2020 20:12


Police maintained order during the May 9 events in Ukraine.

This was declared by the president of the NPU Igor Klimenko, informs the Communication Office of the National Police of Ukraine.

A total of 495 events took place in Ukraine on Saturday, in which almost 9,000 people participated. Police have received 93 reports of possible violations.

“The police generally ensured the protection of public order and compliance with quarantine requirements during the events. The work of each law enforcement officer was aimed at clarifying the laws and the need to respect certain restrictions. However, there have been some violations. Therefore, in general, according to the results of all reports, the police have opened four criminal proceedings and drawn up 20 administrative protocols, “said Klimenko.

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According to him, two criminal proceedings under art. 436-1 (production, distribution of Communist, Nazi symbols and propaganda of totalitarian communist and National Socialist (Nazi) regimes) of the Criminal Code are the subject of an investigation in the Sumy and Lugansk regions, two other criminal proceedings under art. 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code – in the Donetsk region and in Kiev.

It is specified that, in the Sumy and Lugansk regions, facts concerning the use of prohibited symbols have been established.

According to the police, in the Donetsk region, cars of rally participants were damaged and criminal proceedings were opened in Kiev for bodily harm inflicted on a man who wore a scarf bearing the symbols of one of the political parties .

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The chief of the national police noted that of the 20 administrative protocols established, the majority concerned the use of St. George tapes or violations of quarantine rules during the events.

In particular, 8 protocols have been developed in accordance with art. 173-3 KUoAP (in the regions of Dnipropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Odessa and the city of Kiev) and in accordance with art. 44-3 KUoAP (in the cities of Kiev, Ternopol and the Kherson region).

In addition, three protocols are established in accordance with art. 153 KUoAP (in the Ternopil region) and one – according to art. 185 KUoAP (in the Odessa region).

As indicated, today May 9, Ukraine celebrates the day of victory over Nazism during the Second World War.

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