Victory parade in Moscow: Lukashenko did not want to stand next to Putin (VIDEO)



During the flower-laying ceremony at the monument to the unknown soldier, Lukashenko defiantly moved away from Putin and decided to stand near the President of Kazakhstan.

Putin and Lukashenko
Putin and Lukashenko. Stock Photo –

This is reported by the “NPF” referring to “UNIAN“.

In addition, when Putin held the so-called “conversation on the feet” with leaders of other powers before the ceremony, Lukashenko stood aside.

And already at the time of the ceremony, the Belarusian president defiantly walked away from Vladimir Putin and decided to stand next to the president of Kazakhstan Tokaev.

Journalists note that before that, Putin ignored Lukashenko’s son when he greeted the military:

“Lukashenko has always been behind and has not communicated with anyone.”

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