Violator of NBU currency law detected


Earlier, the regulator fined a large bank for $ 2 million.

The NBU has identified the violator of the currency law. Photo:

On 15 June, the National Bank of Ukraine sent a written warning to Magnet Financial Company. The regulator implemented a measure of effect based on the foreign exchange transaction process and the results of the inspection of the cash departments of the financial institution for compliance with the organization.

Recall that in May the National Bank fined two banks and a non-bank financial company for violating the law in the field of financial monitoring. The fines received by Tascombank – $ 2.4 million, Polycombank – $ 300 thousand and Weforpay payment service – $ 51 thousand.

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In April, the National Bank of Ukraine implemented measures of influence to three Ukrainian banks, based on the results of inspection on counter-protest and legalization of income from crime. In particular, the regulator sent written warnings to Credit Agricole Bank and IIB, as well as fined Poltava Bank 100 thousand dollars.

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