Violent change of power: a direct television channel accused of a serious crime



There was a new suspicion against the Direct channel. GDB accuses the funding chain of the takeover in Ukraine.

TV channel
“Direct” television channel. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “Censor.NO“, Reports” MFN “.

The general manager of the television channel, Vladimir Starshevsky, said that on March 17, the investigators had been able to carry out a partial analysis of the documents of the channel. The court decision gave them such powers. After two days of analytical work, the GBR laid additional charges, and now in the case against Direct TV, there are immediately four articles of the Criminal Code. Of particular interest is the article titled “Funding for Actions to Change Government by Force, to Change the Territorial Boundaries of Ukraine”.

“I am amazed at the number of articles listed in the GDB. Previously there were only two, but now there are six in total. We ask for a justification for these measures. The GDB should explain the reason for this attitude to our media, ”said Stashevsky.

Recall, as noted earlier, that this is nasty – the DPR military commissioner announced a serious blow to the terrorists.

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