Visa will support small business in Ukraine: what entrepreneurs will get


Big brands support small business in Ukraine during difficult times


Visa launched a new #WhereYouShopMatters global campaign #WhereYouShopMatters, which aims to promote entrepreneurship in Ukraine and encourage consumers to support small businesses.

As part of the global #Support Visa campaign from June 17, 2020, Visa will help small businesses in Ukraine through new online A stage, Where SME representatives will be able to find the necessary information about how to start, operate and grow their business. The platform will offer special offers from Visa partners and a business concierge service for small business operations. The content of the platform will be continuously updated.

Vera Paltanova
Senior Vice President and Director of Regional Development, Visa CIS and South East Europe

In addition, as part of the first wave of the campaign, Visa will hold an online conference for small and medium-sized businesses, where they will talk about current challenges, findings and opportunities for the quarantine period during a panel discussion.

How the epidemic affected entrepreneurship in Ukraine: Visa survey results

With the launch of the platform for small businesses, Visa announced the results of the COVID-19 CEMEA Impact Tracker Poll with the latest data on the impact of the epidemic on purchasing experience and entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

According to the survey, 71% of small business owners reported a decrease in their customers’ purchasing power during an epidemic. As a rule, people avoid retail shops, except for the purchase of essential goods. As a result, 83% of small business owners surveyed reported a drastic reduction in revenue.

During the epidemic, many Ukrainians first started buying essential goods on the Internet. For example, 52% of respondents said that due to the epidemic, they first had to buy food online, and 35% bought drugs on the Internet.

In addition, many retailers stated that the epidemic and quarantine contributed to their transition to online trading.

Vera Paltanova
Senior Vice President and Director of Regional Development, Visa CIS and South East Europe

According to a Visa survey, 56% of Ukrainians admit they are spending less now than before. As a general expense for consumers, survey participants stated that they are increasingly optimizing their shopping trips: 42% of consumers purchase products with a margin of goods lists necessary to avoid impulsive shopping. At the same time, Ukrainians refuse to buy perishable products and reduce time to purchase, preferring to buy online.

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It was previously reported that a third (35%) of employers have already returned to the normal format of work under adaptive quarantine. Another 27% plan to do so in the near future (within 1-2 weeks). At the same time, every fifth defendant (20%) in the survey stated: Until the final stabilization of the position, employees (all or most) of the company would work remotely.

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