Visa will use AI for credit antifred


The company has launched a new service.

Visa will use AI for credit antifred. Photo:

Visa introduced the Advanced Identification Score, a digital tool that helps US financial institutions predict potential debt fraud.

The Advanced Identification Score uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and user identification data to assess the risk of new applications.

The company claims that its technology generates double-digit assessments of potential fraud with personal data in accordance with the Act on accurate reporting on loans in near real-time, which helps prevent fraudulent losses at the time of obtaining or applying for loans. Does.

Advanced Identity Score uses AI to verify claims for fraud, suspicious activity, and bankruptcy data. The service uses data from government agencies, third-party data providers, law enforcement agencies, as well as information provided by consumers themselves.

Melissa McSherry
Head of Visa Data Identification Products and Solutions

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