Vitali Klitschko unveiled plan to lift Kiev out of quarantine



The first phase of quarantine mitigation can begin on May 12. But it is expected that until this date there will be a sharp increase in the number of cases.

Quarantine in Kiev
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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to The official portal of Kiev.

The Kiev city council has prepared a step-by-step plan for quarantining the capital. Klitschko stressed that the quarantine exit plan is a gradual relaxation of the restrictive measures and not a complete return to daily life.

The first stage will start on May 12, but this is the case if on this date there will not be a large increase in the number of patients with coronavirus:

“We have decisive weeks to come. Please don’t forget the rules, don’t break them. Do not affect statistics badly. Everything depends on us. “

Thus, at the first stage, such attenuations are expected:

  • the recovery of non-food stores, with an area not exceeding 300 square meters (provided that the store can have 1 buyer simultaneously for 10 square meters and compulsory sanitary treatment of the store twice a day);
  • they will open beauty salons and hairdressers (they can access the salon by appointment and a client can use a room service, as well as compulsory disinfection of the premises after each client);
  • cafes and restaurants (only work to take food and disinfect premises twice a day);
  • allow the work of the stands (but with the prohibition to eat food and drinks near the premises);
  • they will take over the work of small businesses where non-food products and consumer services are manufactured (dry cleaning, workshop, etc., provided that in a maximum of 1 client per 10 square meters, the employees of the business must keep the same distance);
  • lawyers and notaries open (also on the condition that there is one visitor per 10 m² of premises);
  • allowed to walk in parks (no more than two people nearby, and if with children – then two adults and two children);
  • can allow autocinema cinemas

“In all of these businesses, there should be employee and customer thermometry. The client must be masked. If they pass without a mask, the responsibility will lie with the business owner. “

All educational institutions, as well as children’s play and sports grounds and coastal recreation areas, will remain closed. The restrictions will be removed in the second step.

In addition, after the first stage, restrictions will remain on public transport:

“Private companies must provide transportation for their employees. The metro will be open when the Cabinet of Ministers allows it. “

The second stage begins a few weeks after the first. It is expected that after the first stage, the spread of the coronavirus will not worsen. If the number of cases continues to increase, the first stage of rescue will be canceled in the capital.

Recall that we published earlier the plan of the Cabinet of Ministers on the gradual exit from Ukraine of quarantine.

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