Vlad Topalov turned to enemies after scandal with wife Regina Todorenko: “I am ready to kill everyone”



Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov

The scandal with the participation of the famous 29-year-old television presenter, Regina Todorenko, caused a great public outcry (recall, she was sentenced for having justified domestic violence). A flood of criticism and persecution has literally fallen on the star, Glamor magazine has even stripped her of the title of “Woman of the Year”, and well-known companies have started to break the advertising contracts with her. Despite the fact that many supported Todorenko, insults continue to come to him. Yesterday, for Regina live on Instagram, her 34-year-old husband Vlad Topalov intervened, who turned emotionally to hate.

You hate me, my wife, I hate you. You are ready to kill me, I am ready to kill you. After all, you want my son and I to burn in the fire, and he’s only a year and four months old! But don’t be so bad. Did my son deserve such hatred? It would be great if we all, including me, learned to be nicer!

He said.

Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko with his son Mikhail

During the broadcast, Topalov admitted that his close friend Dmitry Dobry died a few days ago, and the active harassment of their family coincided with the date of his death, which made it extremely difficult for him to survive this was going on.

But I forgive you. It doesn’t matter, because the day you brought me so much anger, my wife, my son, Dima passed away,

He said.

Topalov also noted that due to persecution and hatred, his wife lost “everything she was looking for: titles, projects, contracts, work, money”.

Today, he contacted fans again and suggested “move on.”

I am tired of all this anger and hatred. Honestly. I’m not hurting anyone

He concluded.

Subscribers supported him and wished the musician’s family well.

By the way, Todorenko herself is rumored to be making a film about domestic violence. But while the details on him are unknown.

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