Vladimir Kristovsky became father for the sixth time



Vladimir Kristovsky became father for the sixth time

Vladimir Kristovsky

Vladimir Kristovsky, 44, and his wife Olga Pilevskaya became parents for the second time. This information was confirmed by a source from the family environment. The baby became the sixth child of the head of the Uma2rman group and the second for his lover.

In early February, Olga said that she was trying to imagine how their life with her husband would change after the birth of another child.

It is only now that I begin to understand that soon we will be three plus one. I want to think about it every day before, so as not to be shocked afterwards. The last time, Vovka just saved me and taught the three of us to live! He did not sleep with me and shook Fedka, showed how to eat, have fun, wash, where to go and how to live together in general. He’s just an angelic father, to be honest!

She admitted.

Vladimir Kristovsky has four daughters by his first wife, Valeria Rimsky, with whom he was married for 18 years. In 2013, they divorced. The singer began to meet Atkris Olga Pilevskaya. In September 2014, the couple officially legalized their relationship. In 2016, their firstborn was born – son Fedor.

The leader of the group Uma2rman mentioned the same day a joyous event in his microblog.

My friends, I have great joy. Fedor Vladimirovich Kristovsky! Now I have five hockey players,

– the interpreter then wrote.

This time, apparently, he decided not to share the replenishment news with the fans. But you cannot hide anything from the initiates.

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