Vladimir Putin announced the end of the period of inactivity



Vladimir Putin announced the end of the period of inactivity

Vladimir Poutine

Today, 67-year-old Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting on the coronavirus. Before it started, he turned to the Russians again. In his speech, Putin spoke about the health and epidemiological situation in the country, announced the end of the day off and also explained what additional measures to support the population and the economy of the country would be taken.

From tomorrow, from May 12, the single period of non-work for the whole country and for all sectors of the economy ends. But the fight against the epidemic does not stop. Its danger persists, even in areas where the situation is relatively favorable. The main thing for us is the life, health and safety of people,

– noted the president.

Putin also declared a gradual exit from quarantine. But when exactly it will start, he did not specify.

Exiting restriction mode will not be quick. It will take a long time. Therefore, from May 12 at all stages, until the complete end of the epidemic. it will be necessary to maintain both general health requirements and additional preventive measures in the regions,

– said Putin.

Vladimir Putin announced the end of the period of inactivity

Putin noted that mass events are excluded nationwide.

The President also thanked all the medical staff for their “truly dedicated work”.

We understand how difficult it is for them and with what courage and dignity they fulfill their professional duty,

He said.

Recall that due to the coronavirus, the head of state was forced to cancel the annual parade in honor of Victory Day in Red Square, and also postponed the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. Sobyanin. In addition, residents of Moscow and the Moscow region will have to wear masks and gloves in public places starting tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Russia now ranks third worldwide in the number of infected coronaviruses. The United States is still on the front line, Spain second.

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