Vladimir Putin launched a new appeal to the Russians and extended the quarantine



Vladimir Putin launched a new appeal to the Russians and extended the quarantine

Vladimir Poutine

Today, the 67-year-old Russian President, Vladimir Putin, appealed to the Russians again because of the plight of the coronavirus pandemic. He announced the extension of the non-working week until April 30 with salary maintenance.

Putin added that government agencies, continuous production businesses, medical facilities and pharmacies, convenience stores and all survival services will work.

An absolute criterion is the safety, health and security of Russian citizens. Taking into account the evolution of the situation, we will take additional decisions, and if the situation allows it, we will adjust the declared period of forced unemployment days in the direction of its reduction,

– he said.

The President stressed that the regions will be able to set their quarantine periods and take the necessary measures to curb the spread of the disease at their discretion, depending on the situation in the region. The necessary powers will be transferred to the heads of regions. Now at the epicenter of the epidemic is Moscow, where the largest number of people infected. In this regard, strict quarantine has been introduced in the capital.

The president called “preserving citizens’ jobs and incomes” another important priority.

An efficient and stable economy is the basis for solving our key tasks, including in the health sector,

– Putin said.

Recall that on March 25, Putin also addressed himself. He then announced a week of non-work across the country with wage preservation, and also proposed the introduction of a number of economic measures to support citizens.

As of April 1, in Russia, 2,777 cases of COVID-19 infection have been recorded (among the patients, Denis Protsenko, chief doctor of the Kommunark hospital, whom Putin contacted a few days ago). Vladimir Putin said yesterday that the situation of the coronavirus in our country is getting more complicated.

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