Vladimir Putin launched a new appeal to the Russians



Vladimir Putin launched a new appeal to the Russians

Vladimir Poutine

Today, for the third time, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russians because of the situation with the coronavirus.

The main part of his speech was an explanation of the situation with the May holidays, as well as forecasts on the lifting of the regime of restrictions.

Thus, the president indicated that the period of non-working days will be extended until May 11 inclusive, with salary maintenance. Putin also instructed the government and Rospotrebnadzor to prepare recommendations by May 5 on the gradual lifting of the restrictions regime. According to the President’s forecasts, it will be possible to start this process from May 12, but there is no reason to wait for the simultaneous cancellation of the forced measures.

Become a complex process, and it’s not as fast as we would like,

– said Putin.

The head of state said that a large-scale plan will be prepared to restore the economy after the coronavirus pandemic.

Vladimir Putin launched a new appeal to the Russians

Recall that in his first address, the president announced a week off with pay from March 28 to April 5, and in his second speech a week later, Putin announced an extension of days off until April 30.

Today, Russia ranks eighth in the world among the countries in terms of number of infected coronaviruses (yesterday, our country was on the ninth line of the list). But it should be noted that at the same time, Russia recorded a minimum mortality rate in patients with coronavirus.

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