Vodafone: the price is locked for two years for offers from existing customers, here’s how


Vodafone Launches New Initiative, In fact, through the MyVodafone application, the operator will offer its customers switch from debit to credit to credit card debit regarding payment of his proposal. Those who agree to make this change before April 19 will be able to count on a very interesting tool (especially given Vodafone’s internal policies for existing customers).

In fact, when requesting a credit card fee, bid price will be blocked for two years. During this period, his offer will be protected from the inevitable changes that affect Vodafone customers almost every year. In addition, after the biennium has ended, it is not said that the proposal will be redone immediately. The message that appears in the Vodafone app applies to only one credit card as a payment method, but it’s possible that there is a possibility of receiving a price offer, also blocked by choosing another “automatic” payment method.

We remind you that for those who decide to pay by credit card or current account, the fee for the monthly fee for the proposal arrives at the end of the month, regardless of the date it is updated. When buying a smartphone in installments with Vodafone, moreover, for your proposal it will be necessary to switch to an automatic payment system.


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