Voting for the “anti-colomoy” law will take place according to a special procedure



MEPs supported the initiative, which will allow for amendments to the “On Bank” law in an abridged version. This will help quickly pass the bill and receive financial assistance from the IMF.

Verkhovna Rada
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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “RBC-Ukraine“.

MEPs voted to introduce a special procedure for examining the so-called “Anikolomoy” law. 255 people’s deputies voted “for” at today’s special meeting.

The procedure adopted will allow the people’s deputies not to take into account the 16,000 modifications which were submitted to the bill after the vote at first reading. Henceforth, all non-factional factions and deputies who submitted their amendments within two days should only choose a few modifications, which they particularly insist on.

These amendments are then sent to the competent parliamentary committee and already here, these amendments should be collected in a new table in two days. After that, the bill at second reading and its amendments will be examined by the representatives of the people.

Remember, earlier, we wrote, Boris Filatov threatened the people’s deputies who did not want to vote for the “anti-Colomian” law.

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