Vova, you make me happy: in response to the insults, Gordon sent Solovyov a gift with value (Video)



Offensive Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov once again attacked Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon with insults.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Dmitry Gordon.
Dmitry Gordon great responded to another insult from Solovyov. Photo:

In his statements, Soloviev was not shy, calling Gordon “Nazi scum”, “mad”, scattering his nightingale litter, also threatened “Judge and catchphrase”.

The Ukrainian journalist, with his usual humor, responded to the “nightingale” of the Kremlin.

“My favorite Solovyov is still swollen and tearing to pieces,” He wrote.

As Gordon said, he was particularly impressed when Soloviev called himself a “descendant of Levitan”.

“No, Vova, you are not Levitan’s heir. You are the heir to Goebbels … I think, God forbid, you will end up like Goebbels “, – stressed the journalist.

Gordon recorded his response to Soloviev on the insults. In addition, he prepared a gift for the Kremlin propagandist of value that he would send to him.

The journalist said that he gave him his book “Penetration”, with a dedication:

“To Vova Soloviev as a souvenir. Let your tongue dry if you stop remembering me. ”

Gordon also called on the Russian TV presenter to remind him more often in his programs.

“Because when cattle like you speak badly of me, I immediately grow up in my own eyes and in the eyes of people who are not lacking in common sense”, He added.

Video response Gordon Soloviev.

Earlier, it was reported that Gordon had given a clear answer to the Russians regarding the water supply to the Crimea.



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