Wait boys! – Pritula turned to activists of “L / DNR” in Russian with serious intention (video)



Ukrainian showman Sergei Pritula recorded a video message to Donbass activists in Russian because they shot down his drone, which was donated to the Ukrainian armed forces. He told the separatists that it was a ridiculous exchange and, according to him, they would soon learn about new events at the forefront.

Sergey Pritula
Sergey Pritula. Photo –

This information has been reported Pritula on her YouTube channel, reports “MFN”.

“You shot my Leleka in the Donbass. I bought it, I admit it. You know, after all, that a stork brings children, and Leleka causes problems for the invaders. You understand that my drone was destroyed using the Osa air defense system. A shot from such a weapon costs $ 50,000. My drone costs only $ 10,000. This 1k5 swap is perfect for me, ”he said.

After that, the showman said that he had already successfully sent “Lelek” an updated modification to the Ukrainian army. Then he spoke quite abruptly and even threateningly towards the Donbass invaders.

“The new drone was packed with electronics so your electronic warheads were just oh *** t.” Of course, you can try to knock it down. You may even be using beech. You seem to be arriving at Boeing from Malaysia. Now try to bring down little Leleka. Of course, it will be expensive, however, I am sure you are not saving money for the war, “he said after that.

At the very end, he said quite intriguing and at the same time provocative words: “Wait, boys!”

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