War in Donbas: activists have opened fire on the Ukrainian army 7 times



The Russian invaders continue to wage active hostilities in eastern Ukraine, violating all agreements on a regime of silence.

War in Donbas
War in the Donbass. Photo –

This is reported to headquarters. Environmental protectionwrites “MFN”.

Thus, during the day yesterday, May 27, on the side of the enemy, 7 bombardments were carried out on the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces. As usual, the enemy did not care about the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, in particular mortars, grenade launchers and various small arms. In addition, activists used an unmanned aerial vehicle, which the Ukrainian army managed to bring down.

Enemy bombings were recorded near Novotroitsky (twice), Shyroky, Starognatovka, Maryinka, Lugansk, Crimean and Novolugansk.

Fortunately, after the enemy bombing, none of the Armed Forces combatants were injured.

As reported to headquarters, for each bombing of the enemy, the Ukrainian army had to retaliate in order to reassure the invaders.

Recall that we previously wrote about the situation in the Donbass on May 26.



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